Week 7 – A Small Group Rove

Local schools were closed for a fall break, and many of our participants were out of town or had other plans for the day.  A handful of intrepid explorers rallied for an afternoon adventure despite the change in school schedule.  We had planned for a scavenger hunt, but decided to put that on hold for the whole group the following week.  Instead, we headed out for a small group forest rove.

Here are a few images from our wander.

IMG_1037 2
Raccoon tracks in the mud.
We initially thought this was an acorn when we saw it in the pond, but when we pulled it out we discovered it was a snail.  
A very small skeleton found at the edge of the pond. This reminded us of the owl pellets we examined a few weeks ago. 
Fall colors and reflections in the pond.

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