Week 2 – How to Build a Fire

Sunshine set the stage for our second week together. We gathered at the big rock for water, snacks, and a peek at some new play features scattered in the nearby trees, then tested our ability to hide from Johannes during a quick round of camouflage.

Our next task was to find the trees we chose a week earlier and notice changes. Many people spotted red maple leaves caught up in the branches of conifers. Others decided to move their tree tag to a new spot and observe a new location.


Two groups formed to practice fire building techniques for the afternoon. We sought out “dead, down, and dinky” branches, then sorted into piles of tinder, kindling, and fuel. Kindergarteners also collected rocks to complete a fire pit and went scavenging for birch bark. After gathering all the materials to build their fires, first and second graders practiced lighting matches.


Everyone practiced feeding the fire, and blowing on it to help it burn, sometimes coming close to extinguishing our small flames! We experimented with various structures to help start a fire, including log cabins, a-frames, and tepees. After some fireside snacks, the children took turns sprinkling water on and stirring the coals to be sure their fires were out.

We ended our day playing on the slack-line, the zip-line, the swingset, and in our fun new rope tunnel.

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